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Premise Liability - Slip and Fall - Part 3

If you are classified as a licensee - or social guest - the owner of the premises only owes you the duty to warn you of dangers that the premises owner already knows about. In other words, the premises owner does not owe you a duty to reasonably inspect the premises for dangers. The premises owner can close his eyes to danger and then not be liable if the danger unknown to him because he closed his eyes injures you.

Premises Liability - Slip and Fall - Part 2

Once you are categorized with regard to your relationship to the premises, the duty of the premises owner to you is known. Then you can attempt to prove your claim.

Today I am going to discuss the most likely premises claim - that of an invitee (business customer) injured while on the business premises.

You are shopping and slip and fall injuring your knee. You call a lawyer wondering if the store is responsible for your medical bills and lost wages.

Slip and Fall and Premises Liability Claims - Part 1

I get calls every week from people who have fallen or otherwise been injured due to a premises defect. Generally, these cases are called slip & fall claims. This is because many times a person has fallen due to a slick substance on the floor.

Premises liability claims are difficult claims to successfully pursue in Texas. This is because of the heavy burden on the person injured.