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Rick Freeman specializes in representing individuals, families, and business owners who have been injured or damaged or who are threatened with damage.  With over 35 years of trial experience, Rick Freeman is dedicated to fighting for his clients’ rights – and winning.

Practice Areas

Personal Injury & Death Claims
Personal Injury & Death Claims

Rick Freeman represents individuals and families in personal injury and death claims, including car and truck accidents, construction accidents, and injuries by defective products and premises..

Commercial & Business Litigation
Commercial & Business Litigation

Rick Freeman represents business owners where their business seeks to recover damages and where the business is facing litigation.

Insurance Claims
Insurance Claims

Rick Freeman represents individuals and businesses that have been wrongfully denied insurance benefits owed to them.

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An accident occurs -- someone close to you is injured or killed. What to do?

Many folks, once they have weathered the immediate storm, decide to hire a lawyer to assist them with investigating the accident and potentially pursuing a claim. As a lawyer with 30 years of experience representing individuals and family members, let me provide some insight into what you should be looking for when selecting a personal injury lawyer.

1. If you have a trusted lawyer, contact that lawyer...

Bad faith is the short-hand term for an insurer failing to act with good faith and deal fairly with one of its insureds. Theoretically, the law expects that a person's insurer will treat them fairly and with good faith - not denying a claim without a reasonable basis. Most insureds expect to be treated fairly by their own insurer. 

But we all know that insurers deny claims without a reasonable basis all the time. In the 1980's the Texas Supreme Court decided an opinion with regard to...

If you are injured in a "tort" claim, you generally have the right to be compensated for your lost wages or lost income due to your inability to work or earn income due to your injury. In other words, if you cannot work due to your injuries, the at-fault party should be responsible to pay your lost income.

Generally, you are entitled to recover your lost income even if you use your sick leave and don't specifically lose any income. This is because you did lose something - the sick...