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"We just had a consulting session with Rick. He's very professional, organized and helpful. We are just trying to evaluate our risk of being sued due to a recent accident. Rick knew that he would not earn business from us this time, but he still offered us a free consulting session and explained everything in details to us.  Very patient, warm and sincere. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needs an injury lawyer."

J.W. Austin, Texas

"My husband and I were involved in a head on collision while on our way to New Mexico.  We both suffered numerous injuries and had to undergo extensive surgeries and were out of work for about 4-5 months.  The third vehicle fled the scene making it difficult to bring closure to such a terrible event in our lives.  Rick was with us from day 1 and was simply amazing through out the entire case.  He worked extremely hard to find out who the third party was and put an end to everything we were going through.  2 thumbs up from both of us to Rick for being so supportive and working so hard to help us out!  THANK YOU!!!!!"

Jacy S. Horseshoe Bay, Texas

"I was involved in an accident with another driver who was intoxicated and rear-ended me from behind at a stoplight. I had moderate injuries and had to endure months of physical therapy to get me back to a normal functional level. As an employee of a hospital, my medical bills were "taken care of", but at the detrimental expense of my employer, and NOT the person who caused the accident in the first place. The other driver's insurance company was determined to pay as little as possible (no surprise there) back to my employer, and to me. Rick walked me through the process using his expertise and Karla was instrumental in obtaining my medical records for sumbission to the insurance company. In the end, they earned me a settlement that paid back my employer and allotted me funds for pain and suffering. Their professionalism and skill is not something you find everyday! I would recommend Rick Freeman to ANYONE who ever needed a personal injury attorney in Austin."

Ashley C. Austin, Texas

"I was driving to Denton to finish my last semester of college on August 13, 2008. After merging to the right lane because the road crew was repaving the left lane on I-35 in Itasca, the traffic came to a stop.  However, the 18-wheeler behind me was tired from the long hours he had driven, rear-ended me going over 60 mph.
I survived with a brain stem, spinal cord and brain injuries plus breaking T3 in my upper back.

While I was in a coma, my mom's friend suggested that she call Rick, which was the first of many guardian angels that was with me throughout my recovery. With in 48 hours, Rick was hard at work on my case. After being in ICU for 12 days, I finally realized the severity of what had happen to me.  I knew in my heart things were going to be ok because while I fought for my life, Rick was fighting for my future.

Not only is Rick willing to fight for you but Karla, his assistant, is there every step of the way with her knowledge and expertise.

Rick and Karla both never made me feel like I was just a client or one of the many cases he had. They treated my family and I like I was a part of their family. Because of his compassion for others and his ability to fight for his client's future, I would highly recommend Rick Freeman to represent you during a life-altering experience."

Jillian G. Austin, Texas

"I was involved in an out of state, multiple car accident with fatality.  Rick navigated the out of state system, multiple insurances and my emtional needs.  His empathy for my situation came through the entire process.  The outcomes were rapid, honest and more than fair.  He is truly an incredible attorney.  He far exceeded my expectations!  Rick gives Personal Injury attorneys a good reputation."

Kathy H. Dale, Texas

"Rick Freeman PC is FABULOUS!!!  My Husband who's a deputy for Travis County was hit twice, once in August by a drunk driver without insurance and in Sept by another car who pulled out without looking.  He ended up in the emergency room, then had surgery and several follow up visits.  Rick and Karla got the accidents sorted out and the claims paid very quickly.  They were a pleasure to work with and if you're looking for someone to have your back give them a call!"

Amy S. Lockhart, Texas

"On June 15th I was driving home from work around 5:30.  I turned right onto FM 1626 off of Brodie as I do every day.  I was headed up the hill towards Bliss Spiller as a silver car flew across the road, directly in front of me.  Though I slammed on my breaks it was too late, and I ran into the other car.  Apparently there was an SUV behind me who swerved left to avoid rear-ending my car, who managed to clip my bumper. 

After an exciting evening at the emergency room, I woke up the next morning and called my insurance broker to find out what to do.  He said to report the accident to my insurance company (check out my review of Progressive.....) and to call a personal injury lawyer, "just to be safe."

So I called Rick.  It was a good thing, too, as the driver who caused the accident was uninsured, and the woman who clipped me from behind told the police that she didn't hit me.

Rick and Karla walked me through the entire process, helped me obtain my medical records and get all my claims paid, and helped me settle my uninsured claim with my insurance.

AND he dealt with State Farm's attorneys after they sent me a letter demanding that I pay for the damage to the SUV who hit me from behind......(the letter was sent to the wrong person) 

If you ever find yourself in a place where you will need an Personal Injury lawyer call Rick.  He's a board-certified PI attorney with 30 years experience.  He's awesome!"

Tara D. Austin, Texas