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What to look for when selecting a personal injury lawyer

An accident occurs -- someone close to you is injured or killed. What to do?

Many folks, once they have weathered the immediate storm, decide to hire a lawyer to assist them with investigating the accident and potentially pursuing a claim. As a lawyer with 30 years of experience representing individuals and family members, let me provide some insight into what you should be looking for when selecting a personal injury lawyer.

What damages can I be awarded if I am in accident?

Many folks wonder what they can obtain as far as compensation when they are in an accident. As usual when it comes to the law, it depends on the specific of the accident.

For example, if you are in an auto collision, you can generally recover damages for the property damage you incur, the medical bills you incur to treat your injuries, the wages or income you lost due to your injuries and compensation for your pain and suffering and mental anguish due to your injuries.

 Today I will discuss the property damage aspect of your claim.